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About Christina Ryan-Stoltz

Christina considers herself a "Translator of Body Language".   You will find a great depth and breadth of passion has gone into her study of the body; how it moves, feels, learns, heals, senses, and adapts to its environment; how to help it release trauma, heal injury, and promote greater vitality.  With a Master’s level of certification from the prestigious Utah College of Massage Therapy, she has developed her own signature “Soulistic Intuitive Bodywork". Since 2002, she has been merging the art and science of body mechanics with the heart of compassionate care of the spirit to help you live
your best life...



The end of May last year I ran for the first time in a 10K race.  During training I developed a heal spur and I injured a muscle on the back of both my legs during the race.  For a month or so I could not run and was walking with a limp and great pain in my legs.  I met Christina at a social event and when she told me her profession I described my injuries and she thought she could help me.  I started to go for a 90 minute massage once a week.  Within 2 weeks the pain in my legs was gone and I could start running again.  After several more weeks the heal spur was gone and I was walking without a limp or pain.  This past winter I slipped on the ice and injured my shoulder.  Without ever going to the doctor I have made a full recovery with Christina’s massage therapy. Christina knows how the body muscles work and can help healing and stretching.  Since I am self employed and have very minimal health insurance I have chosen to use weekly massage therapy by Christina as preventative medicine.  I have not been to the doctor since the first time I had a massage!  I am healthy and feel better than ever.  I have recommended Christina to many of my friends and relatives.  The response has all been great and many of them go on a regular basis also.  I would recommend Christina’s massage for injuries, muscle tightness or soreness, for relaxation and for good all around health.  Her office hours are flexible and her space is conveniently located and a peaceful private setting.  

Christine Stapleton- Real Estate Broker & Alpaca Farmer, Honor, MI 

Christina is not only a talented massage therapist but also a gifted
healer. Her warmth and genuine care for her clients can be felt in
every aspect of her practice. She does not only have the honorable
intention of helping those who come to see her but also has the
knowledge and skills to make a change in those she touches. I could
tell you how she helped me with an old shoulder injury or alleviated
low back pain, but feel that would be short changing my experience at
Soulistic. Her treatments go beyond the physical body also addressing
the emotional and spiritual bodies. I always leave her office feeling
more balanced and peaceful. Christina is graced with intuition, a
lovely spirit and kind heart that give her treatments that extra
ingredient that make them exceptional. 

Stephanie Heit- Massage Therapist, 
Frankfort, MI

I have been fortunate enough to have had many massages over the years in many different venues; five star resorts, hotels, spas and various Country Clubs.  However, I can honestly say that Christina gives one of the best massages I have ever had.  She has a gift of touch and an innate understanding of her clients, allowing her to focus on each individual's needs.  Christina's studio is a cocoon of comfort in downtown Beulah.  I am lucky to be able to have Christina give me massages all year and have recommended her to family and friends.

Nancy Griffin- Frankfort, MI

Massage is a natural way to relieve stress - and I can't do it myself! Christina is incredibly intuitive w/ her patients, her passion for people being whole is so evident. She uses scents that aren't invasive to my sinuses! I don't leave with a perfume hangover. Christina gives "tough love" massages - nothing light and fluffy.   I leave feeling internally at rest and physically relaxed.  She is excellent at getting to the pressure points without drilling a hole in your back! I would call that persistant relief!

Shea Petaja- Prout Financial Design, Traverse City, MI


Christina is talented in more ways than one. Not only does she give an incredible massage, but she has put together a practice that leaves you feeling at peace the moment you begin. Compared to other massage therapists I feel that Christina is able to identify the areas that need the most work and uses the best techniques/pressure to leave you feeling rejuvinated. 10/10 no questions asked! Everytime you leave you will say, "That was the best one yet!" Very competative and resonable rates, Christina has always been very easy to reach and willing to work a variety of days and hours.  Since I've began seeing Christina, I have lived in 3 different cities. Having become "addicted" to massage therapy I have been to a countless number of massage therapists. However, I can truthfully say I have never come close to that of the experience at Soulistic. I look forward to every trip home because I know I can't find any other massage out there like Christina's.

Kristen Tousley- Educator, Denver, CO



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