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Soulistic Intuitive Bodywork Studio encourages balance within the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being by providing a nurturing and professional atmosphere; creating the opportunity to connect with Self, enhance health, and expand awareness.

By drawing from the origins in philosophy and technique from many different disciplines of healing, Soulistic Intuitive Bodywork’s guiding principles are:

  • To relieve chronic pain
  • To offer affordable healthcare
  • To be fully present and therefore an able conduit to the wonder of our ingenious design to move, heal, and be.
  • To Benefit both spirit and sinew~

Soulistic Bodywork evolved out of a desire to integrate the artistry of massage with the wisdom of the good earth for health and healing through our green allies (herbs). Using all natural, organic, and oftentimes homegrown or wildcrafted, kitchen-created oil blends, the benefits of massage are maximized by engaging the senses through aromatherapy. 


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Soulistic Intuitive Bodywork
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